Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Love, Rediscovered.

And the love of my life has returned.

Boy is it ever!
"How can one calorie taste so good?"
I don't know but it does.

I loved TaB as a kid. I remember getting it at the store as a treat. This is back when soda was sold in the glass bottles and those adorable little cardboard carrying cases.
I think I was drawn to TaB because it looked different than all the other bottles.

It had that great slim design and decrotive little white star things and that fantastic pink carrying tote. Even as a child I knew that you are what you drink and I wanted to be the most fashion forward kid on the block. In retrospect it appears that what I really wanted was to be the gayest kind on the block. Those neat bottle didn't win me any friends I'm afraid.
I got looks then and I get looks now. I was in Smith's tonight walking around with my 12-pack of TaB and I got no less than 4 weird looks from people. But I don't care. They'll never understand my love for TaB and that's fine with me.

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