Tuesday, February 3, 2009

25 Things About Me

1. I don’t like fish. But I do love sushi. I can’t explain why wrapping it in seaweed and rice makes it palatable but it does.

2. If there were a pill, that would make me straight, I would take it.

3. I love the Discovery and History Channels.

4. I’m secretly afraid that I’ve already been the happiest that I’ll ever be. The terrifying part though is I can’t exactly tell you when that was.

5. I’m OCD about the silliest things. I spent about 10 minutes today picking lint out of the back of my hair dryer while I should have been getting ready for work.

6. As bad as I am, I’m proud of the fact, that I’m worse than I seem.

7. I love glass. I love hand blown vases and stained glass windows. I could spend hours looking at that Chihuly sculpture at Abravanel Hall. I love the way a good drinking glass feels in my hand. I love the way light reflects off it or through it. I would love to have an entire house filled with or made of glass. This presents a problem though because…

8. I love throwing stones.

9. As much as I love the convenience of iTunes and my Ipod, I miss my cd’s.

10. I love the Olympics, Summer and Winter. My Favorite is the figure skating. But not Ice Dancing. That is not a sport.

11. I love folding towels. I learned this working at the Swiss Alps Inn. It worked out great cause the other girls didn’t like to fold towels. I could just listen to my music and fold to my little hearts content. I also like stacking them.

12. I love nature but don’t want to be out in it for too long. I also love water but I don’t like being in it.

13. I’m very allergic to mosquitoes. I once got a bite on my eyebrow and it swelled so much that I couldn’t open my left eye.

14. I love words and the way people use them; which is strange because I really hate to read. My favorite writers don’t write books, they write songs. Sure Fiona Apple and Damien Rice aren’t ever going to be known for writing something like “Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening” but their writing has touched me just the same.

15. I find other peoples lives far more interesting than my own.

16. I love to people watch. One of my favorite places? The West Valley City Public Baths. (Olympic Legacy Fountain at the Gateway)

17. The scones at Chuck-O-Rama never tell me that I’m not cute enough or too fat or that at the rate I’m going I’ll most likely end up kicking the stool out from under my feet at the age of 45. No, they sure don’t say things like that. True love never tasted so sweet.

18. Joining the Salt Lake Men’s choir was one of the smartest things I’ve ever been brave enough to do.

19. If I really said every fool thing that ever popped into my head I don’t think that I would have any friends at all.

20. I want to live in the movie Pride and Prejudice.

21. I enjoy making people laugh and honestly feel like it’s really the only thing I have going for me.

22. I really miss having a piano in my house. I feel like I’m less of a being without one. Plus it makes it very hard to have an Old-Fashioned Piano Party.

23. I can’t help, when looking into the night sky, being awestruck by the wonder of it all.

24. I am very humbled by the vast array of people who choose to be my friends.

25. Not a day goes by that I don’t think of her and what I wouldn’t give to have one more day with her.


Hiba said...

I'm extremely allergic to mosquitoes too! Not that it's a good thing or anything.

Brian said...

I really loved that, J! Thanks for sharing. And the minute you have an old-fashioned piano party, count me in. Oh, and you've got much more going for you than just making people laugh, trust.

Code Name Flamingo said...

I'd have to say that I agree with Brian...you are so much more than the sum of your parts...as cliched and trite as that may sound, it is so very true. Even though I don't see you as often as I'd like, I count myself very lucky to be able to consider you a friend! But your ability to make people laugh and smile is a great gift...one of your many :-)

Andrea! said...

Totes tears again! I big bear hug you oodles!!

Kristen said...

I am so glad I randomly decided to follow your blog. Because it turns out, we have a lot in common. At least 13 of your 25 are things I have said about myself in the past month. I laughed out loud at #5, because I literally did the exact same thing three days ago.

I just realized that you will read this and have no idea who I am. But no worries! I'm not a crazy cyber stalker! You know me - at least, you twitter with my Doppelgänger. Which totally counts, right?

Iknowaboutpopular said...

Oh Kristen, That totally counts. Thanks for reading. I totally enjoy reading yours.

Heidi said...

The lint in my dryer, drives me insane and i miss cds terribly. You can come fold my towls whenever you like. XOXO

Morgi's Mommy said...

Miah....Your 25 thing are great!! I love you!! Just wanted to let you know!! :)

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