Sunday, July 27, 2008

Paisley Eye Box

There really is no question when it comes to the identity of my favorite artist. His work lines the walls of my bedroom and I am fortunate enought to get to drift off to sleep every night while wondering how I was lucky enough to get these stunning pieces of art. He is crazy talented and one of the greatest people I know. He also happens to be my cousin. Anyone I have ever shown his work to (which is pretty much everyone I've ever met) goes nuts over it. They are always asking me where they can get prints or where his work is being displayed. Well now I have answers to both of those questions.

Jeffrey Scott Knight has just started his own website, You can look at many of his amazing pieces and buy prints there. He also has three pieces for sale up at A Gallery. If you get a chance you should really stop in the gallery and see them. They aren't the ones that are shown on A Gallerys website.

Please take a moment and check out his site. He will be adding several new prints in the coming weeks and months.


Spenc said...

So I get all excited because I LOVE the picture you've got over your bed! Buuuuut... it's not on your cousin's website :(

Alas, there are two that actually I really like a lot. So it twas not entirely in vain :)

Iknowaboutpopular said...

He is going to be putting those pictures up in the next month so do not despair. They will be available soon.

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