Thursday, July 12, 2007

It's Easy As Life

According to the Jim Hill Media Blog, the Disney musical Aida might be on its way to the big screen - with Beyonce Knowles possibly taking on the title role of the Nubian princess-turned-slave.

Hill writes that Disney is "reportedly already in talks with this pop diva, trying to convince Knowles to make Aida her follow-up project to Dreamgirls. Starring in the movie version of this Tony Award-winning musical should be a no-brainer for Beyoncé.

Hill also states that Disney is eager to produce a big screen version of the Egypt-set musical romance, as they had bought the rights to Leontyne Pryce's children's book version of the Verdi opera upon which the Disney musical was based and "originally thought that this material might make fine fodder for a feature length cartoon."

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