Thursday, June 14, 2007

Mia Michaels - Grand Diva Goddess!

For those of you who do not know who I'm talking about... I feel truly sad for you. I'm almost positive that when Mia Angelou penned "Phenomenal Woman" that she was looking into the future at Mia Michaels.

From stage to screen, Mia has turned dance into inspired and unique works of passion and beauty. She has rendered her unique style and vision of the craft, which is sought after by other innovators, from celebrities and recording artists to dance companies and educational institutions.

Mia’s choreography for Celine Dion’s A New Day under the direction of Franco Dragone at Caesars’ Palace in Las Vegas has received stunning reviews. The New York Times raved, “The greatest pleasure…was the go-for-broke physicality of the choreography”. The show features a cast of 50 dancers and is two hours of pure dance artistry. Currently her work can be seen on Cirque du Soleil’s first touring show, Delirium, which premiered March 2006. She has also created works for numerous recording artists including Madonna, Ricky Martin, Gloria Estefan, and Prince.. Her work in film and television includes “Cool Women” for AMC/DreamWorks Television and award winning commercials for Mike’s Hard Lemonade, Bacardi, Coldwell Banker, Ziploc, the WNBA, Star TV and VISA.

Included in her diverse concert and stage work is the critically acclaimed New York based dance company, RAW for which she is the founder, artistic director and choreographer. She has been commissioned to create work for Les Ballet Jazz de Montreal, Jazz Dance Chicago, and Oslo Dance Ensemble. She’s been off-Broadway with “If These Shoes Could Talk,” and “Fort Chaffee.” Mia has also held faculty positions at prestigious institutions of dance around the world including Alvin Ailey and the International Dance Festival of Italy.

Mia is constantly striving for new inspirations for her work. Her students and peers around the world have noted her as a memorable influence. She has a way of touching people’s lives with passion, emotional expression and style of dance.

For you enjoyment... but mostly for mine here is some of Mia's work from So You Think You Can Dance.

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Spencer Myers said...

Actually... Mia didn't choreograph Allison and Ivan's "WHY"

If you recall, in the finally, she asked them to do it again because she was at home in NYC making dinner and was so drawn into the number that she burned her sauce...

OMG, I'm such a dork...

Marty said...



Anonymous said...


M.O.B 101 said...

This woman is a genius and you all who are hates on her because of this, need to take a step back and re-examine yourselves. JEALOUSY is what you reek of... you all have such loose minds that you can't even see the world in front of you. Look down every now and then, and not just to the tip of your nose... hating is a choice... stop and look at her based on the art she gives not the life she lives. She is silver tongued and backs it with more brains than half of you combined will ever dream to utilize... please...... i wasted my time commenting to idiots.. Mia...the real reason i should be commenting... for all it is worth... your ability at your art form is to me like the brightest star in the night sky shining, keep up the great work! You are beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Wow... I can't believe that somebody would champion this woman. I will be the first to admit that at times, her choreography is brilliant, but SHE is a pathetic excuse for an on-air personality. I DESPISE this miserable bitch, and think she is a clumsy lummox whenever she wedges her fat ass out of the judges chair.

Iknowaboutpopular said...

I think people who leave anonymous comments on blogs are sniveling weaklings who don't deserve keyboards.

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