Friday, September 18, 2009

Deck The Halls With Tori Amos

I ran across some scandalous news during my perusing of the interwebs today. Joey reports that Miss Tori Amos is set to release her first Christmas album ever on November 10th. I just filled out my time off request so I can be first in line at Best Buy that morning. I absolutely adore the title too, Midwinter Graces. Stephanie thought a more appropriate title should be Tori Amos Sings the Sad Christmas Hits.
I'm totally going to make a play list with this album and Sarah McLaughlin's Christmas album and then pray Santa brings me a brand new box of razor blades. I've been oh so good this year.

Track list

What Child, Nowell
Star of Wonder
A Silent Night with You
Candle: Coventry Carol
Holly, Ivy, and Rose
Harps of Gold
Snow Angel
Jeanette, Isabella
Pink and Glitter
Winter's Carol
Our New Year

1 comment:

Joey Love said...

that title would be amazing!! haha im so excited!!! i was kinda let down by Abnormally Attracted To Sin, so i hope she makes it up to me. haha

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