Tuesday, June 3, 2008

My Spidey Sense Tingles No More...

Yesterday I went out to my car for a breath of fresh air with my beloved cousin and was dismayed to find that the Spiderman antenna topper that once donned the top of my antenna dons it no more. We've had some good times Spidey and I. He's seen me through 4 sets of brakes, a complete flushing and replacement of the rubber parts in my brake line, (I may have put transmission fluid in there...)2 sets of tires, an engine replacement, a transmission and alternator replacement and more car washes than I can shake a soapy sponge at. Yes we've had some good times over these last 6 years since I bought him at the Burger King on 4th South and 2nd East. I'll miss you old friend.

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